Classic Remodeling offers Vytex’s full line of window and door types, a variety of energy-saving features, and custom-design options. Our most popular are listed below. Please call or email us for more information

Heritage Series - Vytex Heritage Series windows are the ultimate in premium windows. They will not only significantly enhance the architectural style and comfort of your home—they also offer cutting-edge window and glass technology that will maximize your energy savings. One of the strongest welded window lines in the industry, windows from Vytex's Heritage Series will withstand the harsh heat of summer and sub-zero temperatures of winter and maintain their beauty and performance year after year.

Georgetown Series - Outstanding design, quality materials, tested durability, and sturdy construction are the hallmarks of Vytex's Georgetown Series. Specially designed to resist wear and tear, windows in the Georgetown Series are virtually maintenance-free and offer many energy-saving features. Available in neutral tones (white and beige), the Georgetown Series will enhance any home's color scheme. And with their large glass surfaces, our Georgetown Series windows admit more light and ventilation than ordinary windows-adding beauty and value to your home.

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